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Testimonials: Testimonials

Buying a labradoodle puppy from hilltop was a breeze. Lisa gave me so much confidence that my puppy had been well looked after in his first 12 weeks with lots of photos and videos. She also demomstrated care for the animals by ensuring i was a good fit for my puppy also. Getting a puppy to Darwin as airports were closing was no easy feat but Lisa was fantastic and went above and beyond to ensure he got to the airport safely, was on a direct flight, had some goodies and blankets in his crate and called to make sure he arrived safely. Covie was toilet trained when he arrived and had learnt some basic commands. Covie is full of energy and has a big cheeky personality and just wants to love everyone he meets. He has so much love for his favourite people. Covie has been easy to train and is extremely smart (despite being too smart for his own good sometimes). I'm hoping one day I can get covie a sibling and i won't hesitate to go to Hilltop for their caring, friendly and easy approach

Tanya Eagle

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